Your Instagram Pics Actually Say A Lot About Your Personality

There are millions of people scrolling through their news feed everyday on the most popular social media platform in the world — Instagram. But not everyone is there to mindlessly share selfies and tag their friends on a funny meme. Turns out, the photos you post and the filters you use can say a lot about who you are, your personality traits, your mental health…and even if you’re dating someone!
It Could Reveal Your Age

Long are the days when people used to tell their BFFs to smile before snapping a pic. Every millennial knows that smiling kind of makes you look weird in pics. You want to put your best face forward, and grinning from ear to ear like they did in the 90s is, well…not really that cool. Not only does forcing a smile looks really bad in pics, but smiling also enhances wrinkles around the eyes. Thanks but no thanks!

Portraying Yourself


According to researchers at Pennsylvania State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology in London, England, people are very careful about crafting and projecting the perfect image. After analyzing tons of profile pics, they came to the conclusion that people under 25, (and younger!) don’t like to smile in profile pictures anymore. So if you’re smiling on most of your pics, you’re either a total goofball, or you’re older than 25!

Filters And Your Relationship Status


Like it or not, Instagram has become a part of our generation’s everyday lives. The popular social media platform allows people to share photos of bomb outfits they put together, training tips, and even cute pictures of their dog. But did you know that the filter you use in your snaps can indicate whether you’re single or taken?

Love And Color


A group of scientists at the Sungkyunkwan University spent a lot of time analyzing a total of 25,394 pictures and focused mostly on the type of photos people posted on their accounts. They focused on the type of photos posted by single people versus those who were in a relationship. They paid attention to the color setup of the photos, and as it turns out, single folks who are more extroverted often use more filters, whereas people in a committed relationship usually go for bright colored photos and stay away from filters.

Are You Lonely?


For years, people have wondered whether social media made people more or less lonely. Sure, you can post a bunch of funny pics, memes, and gorgeous travel selfies. But if you’re not addressing anyone in particular and your photos aren’t really motivating people to communicate with you, you may be the lonely type.

Tagging Your Friends? You’re A Total Social Butterfly!

At the same time, people who tag their friends on a photo are actually less lonely. If you think about it, it makes total sense! You’re using social media to communicate with others, not just as a means to portray yourself a certain way, (like showing off how successful you are or how pretty you look in the morning.)

Narcissism And Selfies

But if you’re the type of person who loves to take a mean selfie every single day, would that mean you’re a narcissist? Well, that might be the case for some folks. But researchers believe there are 3 groups of selfie-loving people.

It’s Your Business


Selfies aren’t always linked to narcissism. Some people are running their business on Instagram, so they’re forced to share professional pics that showcase them in a certain light. These self-publicists are looking to engage with an audience in order to sell them something. Then you’ve got your autobiographers. These people use selfies as a way to collect memories and forever frame a moment that meant something to them. And lastly, you’ve got your communicators. Those are the types of people who like to share something that motivates discussion. So what type of selfie queen or king are you?