Newborn Baby Found Covered In Ants And Crying For Help

A mother bears you in her womb for an excruciating 9 months while going through mental and physical agony. In the end, she brings you to life, a beautiful soul to whom she promises unconditional love, care and affection. She tends to you with motherly warmth, making you a part of herself as she feeds you, refusing to let you out of her sight. She sacrifices her needs and desires because now you are her priority. You are her love and her heart breaker. You are her child, her friend, her love as she puts her heart and soul to bring you up.
However, what you are about read is not only an act of inhumanity and human violence but the very fact that it is committed by a mother on her infant. Disgusting enough to leave you aghast with disgust and makes you question the very social fabric on which such notions were built.
In Floridablanca, the north-eastern Colombian department of Santander, the vicinity laden with filth was haunted by a baby girl’s cry. She was urging for help in the dead of night as a passer-by noticed her yelps.

A living newborn baby, barely a day old was found lying in all the scum as ants and other rodents crawled over her body.

What is even more disturbing is that all the while, the umbilical cord was still attached to the baby indicating that the newborn had been immediately dumped after her birth.

Horrified at the sight, the passer-by immediately called up the medics and rescuers.

The very situation of a living baby lying on a pile garbage, crying for help as ants crawled over its body was enough to shake them to their core.

They found cuts and bites on her back with the umbilical cord still intact.

The baby was immediately taken care of. According to doctors, the tot weighs 2.2 kilos and is recovering from hypothermia (a dangerous drop in body temperature due to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures).

The local authorities and the police are trying to identify the baby and even trying to locate her parents.

This upsetting act of barbarity was later condemned by social media users questioning that why was the baby left in such a high-risk place.

One person exclaimed, “Good God, why did the mother let it get to this? I don’t know.”

The comments continued… “Definitely, this baby has a purpose in this world and only God knows what it is.”
Mothers leap with joy as her child graduates into taking the first step towards walking. Her heart aches when she sees you in pain. She surrenders as you decide to leave her to lead an independent life. But on the inside, she beams with pride. She made you. You formed inside her. She selflessly provided you with the comfort inside her as you mapped and modelled into a human being. Such is a mother’s love. The Purest. And it is true.
We strongly condemn such growing disregard towards infants. Every life matters!